The Kosovo years

First of the series #MYFRIENDS Text and Photos by Iara Vega Linhares English – Español – Français Those were three and a half years intensely lived. With just two years of marriage, Robert and I set off for the adventure of international cooperation. It was a period of transformation for Kosovo being just after the war and during a time of economic recovery. We got to work alongside the Kosovars who had stayed. Slobodan Milošević was fighting with his armyRead more


by Iara Vega Linhares (English, Français, Español) Last week I decided to build a photo series with some of the people I work or collaborate with, as a graphic designer, communication consultant, and artist-photographer. Some of them are still home working, some could already return to the field or their offices. Little by little, like everything during this deconfinment period. In normal times I use to work online with some of them. With others I collaborate more closely and weRead more