The Kosovo years

First of the series #MYFRIENDS Text and Photos by Iara Vega Linhares English – Español – Français Those were three and a half years intensely lived. With just two years of marriage, Robert and I set off for the adventure of international cooperation. It was a period of transformation for Kosovo being just after the war and during a time of economic recovery. We got to work alongside the Kosovars who had stayed. Slobodan Milošević was fighting with his armyRead more

Beats of Tirana: the heart of Albania

(ENGLISH) If Tirana is well-known by its colours, the city that took a different and creative glance under the former Major Edi Rama (painter and artist), actual Prime Minister of Albania, also breathes a strong nostalgia atmosphere coming from communist Enver Hodxa’s times. Being the Capital of Albania (Shqipëri), but also a big reference for most of Albanians in the Balkans, is alive and dynamic by its youth. I was there with my family during a short 10 days trip backRead more