The Kosovo years

First of the series #MYFRIENDS Text and Photos by Iara Vega Linhares English – Español – Français Those were three and a half years intensely lived. With just two years of marriage, Robert and I set off for the adventure of international cooperation. It was a period of transformation for Kosovo being just after the war and during a time of economic recovery. We got to work alongside the Kosovars who had stayed. Slobodan Milošević was fighting with his armyRead more


by Iara Vega Linhares (English, Français, Español) Last week I decided to build a photo series with some of the people I work or collaborate with, as a graphic designer, communication consultant, and artist-photographer. Some of them are still home working, some could already return to the field or their offices. Little by little, like everything during this deconfinment period. In normal times I use to work online with some of them. With others I collaborate more closely and weRead more

La jóven de la casa amarilla

©Iara Vega Linhares, all rights reserved. En mi Libro y exposiciones de Lienslazos quedaron fuera varias imágenes, y cómo no? Fueron casi dos años de proyecto, cuatro viajes entre Suiza y Nicaragua, entre Biel/Bienne y San Marcos. Documentando y acumulando un banco de imágenes de centenas de fotos. Para el libro seleccioné 56 imágenes (distribuídas por pares) , la exposición íntegral es de 36 imágenes de 120 x 80 cm (18 pares). Hoy, 5 años después del lanzamiento del libro, empecé aRead more

DA RINO #FoodSweetHome

Text in English – texte en Français – texto en Español by Iara Vega Linhares© All rights reserved. 2017 (ENGLISH) Caterino Di Pietro  DA RINO DI PIETRO – Butcher Shop / Jurastrasse 22 / Biel/Bienne, Switzerland Rino Di Pietro likes to be recognised as a Meat artist and artisan. And this is not surprising. As a child, in his hometown of Mineo (in the Sicilian Catalonia, Italy) he accompanied his father, a small producer of the region, to graze the cows “I admired the calm majestyRead more


With #FoodSweetHome I am exploring the universe of those food stores that supply the most diverse communities in my hometown Biel/Bienne (Switzerland). Places where hundreds of spices, traditional drinks, teas, coffees, diverse rice variety, languages and distant smells converge. Chez Champion, where the Pakistani Mahmood, distributes his products in dedicated aisles to each continent, where customers seem there not jus to buy and send money, but meet casually and exchange news, recipes, tips, remember the country of origin. A tributeRead more

The Budapest journey

It’s colder but it’s warmer. This is a series of 10 images. One day journey in lovely Budapest, saying good bye to 2014, and wishing “boldog új évet” to 2015. Special thanks to my dear friend Magali, who at that moment didn’t expect to end up as a protagonist in a photo-Blog! ——— Es mas frío, pero es cálido. Esta es una serie de 10 imágenes. Una jornada en la adorable Budapest, despidiendo el 2014 y deseando “boldog új évet” para 2015. Un especial agradecimiento a miRead more